About MotionHouse

Virtual Reality Motion Simulator

MotionHouse is a professional manufacture / sales company of haptic motion simulator.

 A motion simulator is a device that provides users with the effects of movement of digital contents. In conjunction with VR / AR devices, which are currently in the spotlight, it is possible to provide a higher degree of haptic effect.

 Since its establishment in 2015, MotionHouse has been researching and developing the core technologies of motion simulators (electric actuators, motion control software, motion simulator structure technology). 
 In 2017, we have developed the sensible attractions Nova Fighter (VR) and HyperStorm, which are equipped with in-house developed content and currently we are also selling the contents.

Special features of goods

  MHCylinder Type-S (STEP Motor)    

  MHCylinder Type-A (AC Motor)        

Advantages of our Actuators

 Electric Actuator is the part that implements actual motion and is the core technology of motion simulator.
 MotionHouse uses in-housed developed MHCylinder series. The general industrial electric actuator places importance on constant speed and movement, while the MHCylinder series is an electric actuator with an emphasis on high haptic effects. This allows MotionHouse to develop motion simulators that provide more realistic and high-impact effects.

Features of MHCylinder

 The MHCylinder Type-S series is an electric actuator using a step motor. It is an electric actuator suitable for a 1-seat motion simulator. It is a professional electric actuator dedicated to motion simulator. It is an electric actuator that can feel various effects such as vibration, high speed and smooth motion. (Maximum speed : 150mm/s, Maximum thrust : 60kg/1ea)

 The MHCylinder Type-A series is an electric actuator using AC servo motors. It is an motor actuator suitable for multi-seat motion simulators as well as single occupants. Compared to Type-S series, it is very low driving noise and an electric actuator that provides higher haptic effect. (Maximum speed : 180mm/s, maximum thrust : 80kg/1ea)



 MHServicer is a control software for MotionGear.  MHServicer is a software that enables you to easily operate motion simulator by receiving motion data from contents. It can easily control the size of motion to be expressed in motion simulator according to user's taste.

Support Contents (PC)
- iRacing
- Assetto Corsa

- Assetto Corsa Competizione
- Euro Truck Simulator 2
- American Truck Simulator
- Race 07
- Dirt2
- Dirt3
- Dirt4
- Dirt Rally

- Dirt Rally 2.0
- Dirt Showdown
- Grid Autosport
- F1 2013
- F1 2014
- F1 2015

- F1 2016
- F1 2017

- F1 2018
- Live For Speed
- rFactor 2

- The Crew

- Project Cars

- Project Cars 2

- RaceRoom Racing Experience
- Richard Burns Rally
- GTA5
- rFactor
- Automobilista
- Grid
- Grid2


- Forza Motorsport 7

- Forza Horizon 4

- KartKraft


- Microsoft Flight Simulator X


- War Thunder (only plane)

- X-plane 10

- X-plane 11

- Falcon4.0 BMS

- AeroFly Flight Simulator 2

- No Limits 2

- Prepar3D V4

- Design it, Drive it Speedboats, MudRunner

  MX-Bikes, Red Rover

Console (PS4) 
- Project Cars

- Project Cars 2
- F1 2016
- F1 2017

- F1 2018
- Assetto Corsa

Console (Xbox one)

- Project Cars

- Project Cars 2
- F1 2016
- F1 2017

- F1 2018
- Assetto Corsa

- Forza Motorsport 7

- Forza Horizon 4



 MotionHouseSDK and MotionHouseWSDK (Wireless SDK) can be easily integrated with game development engines such as Unity / Unreal. In addition, MotionHouseSDK, MotionHouseWSDK's motion expression setting function and motion size setting function can realize various types of haptic effects required in contents.

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