MotionHouse WindGenerator Review

Andrew Mendiola
5 Mar 2019
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After owning the MH WindGenerator for a few months now, I think it is time to write a review on it.  Before that, I just want to throw up a little backstory.  

Late last year I was looking to add some sort of wind sim to my racing rig.  I wanted something that wasn't an eye sore and something that could pack a lot of wind and was reasonably priced.  I wasn't impressed what was on the market.  Sim Racing Studio is way overpriced and requires the purchase of additional components and also needs (2) power supplies.  Hsimracing R'Fun aesthetically looks pleasing but is also expensive.  Additional components while not required, do add to the price.

Then I stumbled upon Motion House.  A brand I have never heard of before.  The price was just right (shipping costs aside) for the components you receive.  You get a well packaged WindGenerator kit.  Which consists of (2) black blowers (bilge blowers, not your average cheap pc component fans), solid metal mounting brackets, installation hardware, black sleek looking module with custom MH logo, extra long cables for the blowers and module,  and 12v10a power supply.  And shipping from Korea to the U.S. was super fast.  I got my shipment within 2-3 days from when I ordered it.  Top notch packaging and all the components were of excellent quality.

The MH Servicer software was a little confusing to understand at first and had its issues.  But after a few months of back and forth with the team at MH, we were able to square away a lot of small details and also open up the full potential of the WindGenerator blowers (.ini file is configurable to allow maximum power to the fans).  The WindGenerator portion of the MH Servicer software allows you adjust Max Power, Minimum/Maximum Speed, and also comes with a Gamma setting so you can customize the curve of the WindGenerator.  Custom profiles can be added and saved to software on a per game basis.  The firmware has come a long way in a few months.

After adjusting the settings to your liking, be prepared to be amazed.  After a few races on AC and Dirt Rally, the WindGenerator will literally blow you away!  These blowers are probably the most impressive part of my rig as of late. There is nothing like screaming down the track in an F1 car while the wind is blasting you in the is truly immersive and fun as hell!

I definitely recommend the MH WindGenerator...cost is well worth the components and the firmware seems to be updated twice a month now.  Customer service is A+ (may take a few days for them to get back to you, but that's expected as they might be in a different time zone).  I have some videos of my rig and MH WindGenerator posted on my YT page My Sim Rig

Great job team MotionHouse! A++

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