The Games of Piboso are missing support for wind and everything.Please add it.
29 Feb 2024 Views 9 0
Hi, is it possible to use the Windsimulator with flyptmover, if yes. what settings do I need?Greetings Pete
23 Feb 2024 Views 9 0
Hi,I have been happily using my motionhouse wind sim for many months now. I am now having problems that wind does not work in game. The issue exists in games that use telemetry (like F12021) and those that use shared memory (like ACC).The wind test function in the motionhouse software works, and the motionhouse software shows “Running Content: ACC” in the lower left hand corner when the ACC game is running. However, there is no wind when I play the games.I am using the most recent version of motionhouse SW. I have tried going back to the previous SW, but that does not work either. It did not work even when I closed all extra software including SimHub.I don’t know what else to try. Can you help me solve this problem? Could it be a hardware problem?For many months, I am running the same windows 11, 12th gen Intel i7 processor, with nvidia 3080 PC.Thank you
Logan Ross
12 Aug 2022 Views 127 0 1
I am using the 4UN system, with firmware 2020060101. I am using the latest Beta version software. When using the up/down buttons on the controller box, the actuators will extend to 150mm of travel.When using the software in the Test screen, I only get 75mm of travel on the actuators.Can anyone please help with what needs to be done here.Thank youCheersFCII
22 Jan 2022 Views 81 0 1
Mhservicer not downloading.. can not click on tab from website to start the download. Please someone help
Jacob cisco
24 Dec 2021 Views 77 1 1
Hey everyone just seeing if anyone knows if the motiongear2un will fit right under the new P1 R seat chasis with one of the brackets that was provided.
Jacob cisco
24 Nov 2021 Views 79 0
Hey I was just wondering why the surge spike with the 4UN system is so violent when coming to a stop is almost any driving simulator?  Is there a way to prevent this without almost completely turning down the surge setting?  I like to feel surge for acceleration and deceleration but not at the expense of whiplash when coming to a complete stop.  Thanks
22 Mar 2021 Views 139 2 1
Hello.why is the mh servicer downloading in korean,? How do I get the english version ?Thank you.
5 Jan 2021 Views 210 0 1
Trying to install seat mover 2u and keep getting mhlanguage error
Larry Vaught
23 Dec 2020 Views 197 1
I recently purchased a profile only Motion4UN kit on Sept 30th.  I purchased this on sale with free shipping which was great.  There was a week or so of delay but nothing bad. Support even let me know this was happening and was very professional and was great to work with.  This is very impressive as I'm used to most companies leaving me in the dark on pre-orders.  My order shipped Oct 23rd and got to Kentucky, USA on Oct 26th.  That is some incredibly fast shipping!Upon receiving the kit from FedEx, I must say that this was EXTREMELY well packaged.  Not only was it protected inside by some very elaborate foam padding, but also the boxes were weather sealed by several layers of blue plastic which was great appreciated since the day it came, it was raining.  Upon unpacking everything, I must say it reflects extreme quality.  Everything is solid, free of blemishes, and just all around carefully laid out as to avoid any damage during transit.  It just feels like a polished unboxing experience.  I got the actuators each in their own box.  Then two additional identically sized boxes which contained the controller box and the feet.  I chose the ball joint feet.  Keep in mind they DO NOT have any rubber coating on the bottom.  My sim rig is a Sim Labs p1-x aluminum extrusion profile rig.  In terms of difficulty, this was about as easy as I could imagine.  All the parts were clearly marked and packaged properly for easy location of correct piece needed.  In terms of mounting to my sim rig,  I just found a milk crate, stuck under one end to lift it up, put 8 t nuts into the 4 slots, screwed in one side of the mounting bracket, slid it on a bit until the other side of holes were lined up, screwed them on loosely, then moved it about 3-4 inches AFT of my pedals.  Did the same for both FR and FL actuators.  Same with the rear.  I knew I had to have a 240 volt step up transformer for this kit so I already had that read, plugged the controller box into it, usb into pc.  MHservicer software was simple enough to install.  Everything went very smoothly and I must say this was a fantastic experience.  It probably will take someone who is very minorly handy at using an allen wrench about 2 hours tops to get it up and running with the same Sim Labs p1-x.  That would include spending time thinking about where you want things to be when you're done because I will say this, putting the actuators into the brackets, although very accurately machined, does take a bit of extra light to see the holes with and maybe a second set of helping hands to help screw in a screw when the hole is aligned.  The motion profiles for each game are great although that is subjective and definitely wont work for everyone.  They do give you a good starting point.  What I wish for is that some time soon Motion House will release a new manual for using the MH Servicer software that explains examples of settings rather than just the obvious technical meanings.  Expert settings are basically completely ignored in the current manual and I've found that it is very necessary to understand what filters do as well as actuator motion.  Other settings I've not fooled with like max telemetry as I just don't really know what it does and there's nothing that explains it.  Anyhow my point is, give us some sort of manual or tutorial with scenarios so that we can have some kind of idea of what to adjust when the motion feels a particular way or just isn't right.  For example, from trial and error I figured out with Dirt Rally that it was just way too intense on heave until I set the filter for heave in expert settings to week, this really helped a ton.  But it was trial and error and it took a few days before I finally tried it.  Where as a tutorial that explained filters probably would've clued me in on it immediately.  In the end, this thing is amazing!  Sound wise its quieter than a very quiet dishwasher.  I'd say half that sound level.  The fan in the controller box is more loud and its pretty quiet.  Everything feels smooth, not artificial or jerky.  Although that can come down to your tuning settings but it relays what you'd expect it to from the game's telemetry.  I really don't have any previous experience with motion sim platforms but I have been using SimExperience's buttkicker gamer 2 4 corner setups in the past and the first time I went with transducers, it was just mind blowing.  Well, compared to that, this is 1000 times more mind blowing.  You get good proper road texture from the system.  I'll be selling my buttkickers gamer 2's for certain as I had held onto them just in case it didn't do good vibration effects, but it does so don't worry about that.  The ball joint feet was a good choice I feel as I'm on plush carpet on top of a cement floor, so there was already some dampening by the carpet pad and I'm not going to transmit vibration through the house thanks to the cement slab underneath.  I did however need to find a solution to prevent it from sliding on the carpet.  I took an old yoga mat from my wife, cut in half and put under each end which solved any sliding.  Then I cut it into 4 circles slightly wider than the diameter of the feet and got those positions under it.  No more sliding.  The price for this kit was acceptable.  Believe me, I'm not simply capable of just impulse buying a product for computer gaming (mainly sim racing) at $5600.  However its been a long dream of mine to have a high end motion rig and I've been saving for a bit in hopes  some company would come along and put the hurt to companies like DBOX and others who seem to only want to sell to those with large amounts of expendable income.  I've put 100's of hours into researching motion systems.  Watching DBOX systems run in all sorts of setups and tuning profiles.  This seems to be very much on par with anything I've seen from DBOX online via videos and reviews.  This is well worth the price of admittance.  The motion this thing relays is incredible.  I've not seen any latency and everything just works.  If you are considering one, please let me save you a ton of time researching and just recommend you buy this as I am in love with it.  Thanks 
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