MHServicer[MHServicer] 2019011101 beta update

3 Jan 2019
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We are MotionHouse.

Update the MHServicer. (Beta version)
The beta version can be updated at any time. And update the release at the end of each month.

@MHServicer runs only on Windows10 (32bit, 64bit).

Users of MotionGear Type-S2, S4, and 2U must install MHServicerTypeSInatller.

MotionGear Type-A4 users
For Windows 10 and 32 bit, you need to install MHServicer_x86_Installer.
For Windows 10, 64 bit, you need to install MHServicer_x64_Installer.


1. Change the default profile name (Default -> User)
    Previously, the default profile was a profile that could be changed by the user. We changed the name Default to the name User.

2. Add motion preset (MotionHouse profile)
    There are a lot of preset requests for motion settings and we will update them by product group. MotionHouse Profile is a non-editable profile preset  by  Motion House. In this update, we have added the settings for MotionGear Type-2U, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

3. 2019010301 bug fix

    Fixed a bug where only the User profile was added when adding a profile.

4. 2019010302 bug fix

    Fixed a bug where only the User profile was created when adding the WindGenerator profile.

5. Added functionality to drive dirt rally purchased from Oculus shop

    executable file name : drt-vr.exe

6. 2019010801 changed

   The Save button has been removed. When Apply button is clicked, profile data is applied and saved.

7. 2019011101 Changes
  Fixed a problem where the UART communication module could not be detected when MHServicer is running on MotionGear - TypeA series.

ps. There have been many changes to the profile setting related functions. Please let me know if there is an error and I will correct it.

Thank you.

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