MHServicer[MHServicer] 2018121801 beta update

19 Dec 2018
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This is MotionHouse.

We update MHServicer.

@ Requirement: MHServicer is a program that runs motion house motion simulator, SLI, WindGenerator and runs on Windows 10 (32bit, 64bit).

- Users of MotionGear Type-A series should download MHServicer_x64 or MHServicer_x86.

 - Users of MotionGear Type-S2, S4, 2U should download MHServicer_TypeS.

 - Run Setup.exe to install MHServicer and redistribution package and required libraries.


 - Add support content
   MX - Bike

- Bug fixes
   Fixed an issue where WindGenerator's output would be lowered when setting the Wind-Generator, even if it exceeded Max Speed.

 - Added setting in Motion tab
   Expert option added in last update. Added option here.
   Expert options can be set for each game, and multiple profiles can be registered with the desired profile by adding profiles.


1. Direction Factor
  It can be applied to Pitch and Surge, and it can control the amount of movement in one direction.
  For example, if the Pitch value is +10 or -10 degrees, it is implemented with the same motion in both directions.
   When -Factor is set to 0, motion of -10 degrees is not implemented. Or -Factor is set to 0.5, -10 degree motion is implemented as -5 degree motion.
  In case of motion gear 2U that uses only the seat, you can set the pitch to a large value to prevent the foot from falling off the pedal.

 2. Filter
  Median filter settings. If motion data changes drastically, you can apply a Median filter to prevent sudden changes in motion data.
  Particularly in the case of dirt series, physical data is often changed rapidly. Using the Filter setting can prevent this phenomenon.

 3. Max Telemetry Values
  Sets the maximum value of motion data. A large value of motion data is output when the vehicle collides or overturns.  At this point, the motion simulator can move rapidly.  To prevent this, you can set the maximum value of motion data. Motion data exceeding the maximum value will be ignored by MHServicer.

4. Actuator Range
  The default value is 0 ~ 100. If you want to use only specific areas of Actuator, you can specify maximum and minimum values.

Thank you.

ps. Beta version, so there may be errors.
     If you have any problems, we will update and update them later. Thank you.

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While the beta version does increase the response time of when the fans kick in, it still does not maximize the power output that the fans are capable of providing.

For example, default settings (Min. Speed 0 - Max. Speed 300), the WindGenerator kicks on the fans around 20-30 kmh and when it exceeds 100 kmh in the game, the fans stop generating power and only provide say about 55-65% overall power. So the speed of the fans will remain at that threshold even when surpassing 100 kmh. At 100 % power, no matter the Max. Speed, the WindGenerator should provide full bandwidth and full power output of the fans. Currently it seems to cap the power at a certain point. Me and Steve the other guy from the UK(he purchased the WindGenerator based on my review) are still testing and will provide feedback and more thoughts on the beta version within the next few days. I will try to make a video to better explain what I am talking about. Thank you.
So I just installed firmware MHServicer 20180204 Beta, an older version, and it provides full power of the fans. It also has the Base Power function which I believe was a vital component in allowing the fans to operate in full speed when approaching the Max Speed setting. However, this option has Been taken out of your latest firmware which I don’t understand. While there is a small bug in firmware MHServicer 20180204 Beta which causes the fans to keep running while at a full stop, I believe this can be fixed.

It seems that the Gamma setting in the new versions is the one creating an issue, not allowing the fans to max out at any given setting. Can you find out exactly what you changed in the code that is preventing this, and possibly put back the Base Power function. It seems that the MHServicer.dll is what changes these values. Please test MHServicer 20180204 Beta against the latest version you just released and compare the fans speeds and the code as well. I believe this to be a simple fix but I am not a programmer. Thank you and please respond back to us with an update.
I sent e-mail to you. thanks.