MHServicer2018111901 Update

20 Nov 2018
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We are MotionHouse.

Version of MHServicer 2018111901 is available.


 - The Expert button has been added to the Motion tab.

   A. Filter settings have been moved to the Export menu.

   B. Direction Factor has been added.

 Simplify the Motion tab to keep the settings as simple as possible.

If you click the Expert menu at the bottom of the screen, the following Expert setting dialog will be displayed.

There are two things you can set in the Expert menu.

Direction Factor: Default 1.0

This is the value that is set when you want to increase or decrease the motion in one direction. Applicable to Pitch and Surge values.

For example, if Pitch + factor is set to 0, the positive value of Pitch is not applied to motion. Conversely, if the -factor value is set to 0, the negative motion value is not applied.

In the case of MotionGear Type-2U, if the pitch is set large, the motion will lean backward from the hill, and the foot may fall from the pedal at this time. In this case, if you set the + factor value of the pitch to 0.5, the pitch value in the + direction will only be applied in half.


You can set the intensity of the Median filter by motion data. (Same as existing function)

 - If you click the setting text in the Console tab, you will be connected to the guidance page of MotionHouse.

   If you mouse over the text file in the Console tab, the Tooltip is printed. When you click on it, the corresponding Game Settings page of MotionHouse opens.


- Fixed a message box when iexplorer.exe execution failed. (Previously, an exception occurred and the program crashed.)

 - Run Setup.exe to install MHServicer.

 Previously, even though you installed the MHServicer by running the msi file, the required components (.net frame, Visual studio 2017 redistribution package) were installed. However, it seems that this part has changed recently with Visual Studio update.

Thank you.

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